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The most beautiful Bird Photo Hummingbirds

So, to achieve this photograph of a hummingbird
- which I consider one of my most beautiful bird photos -
it took me nearly two hours of patience and about thirty attempts!

For the photographers out there, here are some technical details:

- Overcast weather, with light tropical rain at times.
- The hummingbird passed 2.5 meters from me.
- The camera used for this photo: a simple Nikon D70
- The Zoom, an 80-200 2.8 AFD, set at 200mm (300mm equivalent)
- Sensitivity: pushed to ISO 640, necessary given the conditions.
- Focus was manual, as I had no choice but to manually follow the erratic flight of these hummingbirds; the D70's auto-focus was totally off!
- Manual exposure: Aperture: F:5.6 - Speed 1/320th and compensated with a small flash burst.

Photo: 247/281

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