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leaning coconut trees Martinique

The Grande Anse des Salines is this little corner of paradise where life flows lazily over the years... ...But a paradise so fragile nonetheless.

This photo was taken in January 1996: do you notice anything?

At that time, the width of the beach was much greater than it is now.

Indeed, nowadays and at the same location, the beach has receded by 8 meters!

Some will tell you that this phenomenon is normal, but it's hard not to link it to climate change, rising sea levels, and the increasing frequency of hurricanes.

Worse, the two most emblematic and leaning coconut trees on the beach no longer exist!

So, the one you see in this photo, which still often appears on postcards, is now just a distant memory (sniff!)

The hurricanes, helped by hordes of tourists climbing on them, eventually took their toll.

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