Welcome to Santorini!

A small Greek island in the Cyclades archipelago, Santorini, is located in the Mediterranean between mainland Greece and Crete.

The island's unique volcanic geology has given it a spectacular appearance and speaks of a tumultuous past often linked to the myth of Atlantis.

Santorini's geographical uniqueness, combined with the unique charm of its villages, has led to significant tourism development, now the main resource for the island's 12,000 inhabitants.

Between the design of its villages and its Mediterranean gentle way of life, we offer you to discover this unique island through 84 colorful photographs.

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Photos of Fira, the capital of Santorini

Fira the Capital

This first chapter offers an overview of the island of Santorini, including an aerial view of the island and its volcano. Then, the discovery of Fira Village, the capital of Santorini, and its all-white Orthodox churches. Churches that contrast with the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, all enhanced by the bright colors of its houses.
You will also find some practical information on accommodation and hotel rates, very useful information for a first trip to Santorini in Greece.
The following photos will reveal the aesthetic and the design of the stairs of Fira, before ending with the slow descent of the sun into the sea viewed from the terrace of a restaurant, up until the true sunset and a final photo of Fira at night.

Volcano of Santorini

The Volcano

The second chapter embarks on the discovery of Santorini's volcano, a must-see during a trip to Santorini. But before reaching the volcano, you will either have to take the cable car or, as many Japanese tourists do, climb the stairs on donkey back.
This little photo-tourism guide describes this aspect of "tourism on donkey back" which is, admittedly, quite picturesque! Especially when it comes to continuing this photo reportage dodging the donkeys' "droppings"... Before reaching the port with its ferries and other boats offering tours and cruises in the Greek islands.
Once on the Volcano of Santorini, you will discover photos of its crater and its volcanic rocks. Finally, discover the archaeological excavations of Akrotiri where we will evoke the Myth of Atlantis and that of the ten plagues of Egypt often linked to the island of Santorini.

Photos of Oia in Santorini

The Colors of Oia

Oia, or Ia, the second locality of the island of Santorini, known for its blue churches, offers images that are probably among the most famous ones you can bring back from a trip to Santorini in Greece.
Indeed, from its vertiginous cliffs, Oia, a village with many stairs, offers unique images of the sea overlooked by its famous blue-domed churches.
These churches allow for photogenic shots that make you want to press the shutter of the camera: Snap! The colorful houses of Oia are like a real Lego game, and some of them, in atypical colors like candy pink, are perfect subjects for saturated photography done on analog with Fuji Velvia slide film used here for this photo report.
The colorful doors of Oia are also interesting, and a thorough visit of the village allows for collecting many colorful photos in the camera... design, colors... pure joy for the photographer!

Tourism in Santorini

Santorini Tourism: Oia!

Chapter on Oia for a tourist guide: discovery of an art gallery as well as various artworks throughout Oia's alleys. More unusual: cave houses dug right into the cliffs.
Then practical information on hotels in Santorini and the film industry's interest in Santorini with a photo taken during the shooting of a feature film. Also, photos of the famous windmill of Ia, where cats like a big black tomcat love to lounge. Holidays in Santorini are ideal for a change of scenery, with highlights such as the sunset over the sea and the Oia windmill.
But a trip to Santorini can also be an opportunity to mark important milestones in life: thus, weddings in Santorini have become significant products offered by tour operators. All in a romantic atmosphere and under the gaze of the cats of the Greek islands.
In short, lots of tourist information and about Oia are presented in this chapter.

Photos of the beaches of Santorini

Kamari - Perissa

This 5th chapter on Santorini introduces Kamari, the most important seaside resort of the island which offers one of the few beaches of Santorini, budget-friendly accommodations and the Byzantine Church of Panagia Episkopi.
From the beach to the top of Messa Vouno rock, one discovers the archaeological site of Ancient Thera: ruins of old houses, a paleo-Christian basilica, and excavations that have revealed part of the archaeological puzzle of this ancient city. Then, descending, the town of Perissa also offers a beautiful black sand beach on the coast stretching to Akrotiri and Red Beach.

Visit to Pyrgos


This last chapter offers some photos of Mount Profitis Ilias, the highest point of the island, crowned with its radio antennas, but especially invites you to discover Pyrgos, a small town with charming churches, an opportunity to complete this travel notebook / Tourist Guide dedicated to Santorini.
This final step of the travel journal is an opportunity to come across a cat with heterochromia in the alleys of Pyrgos, to take some photos of the design of its houses, and to conclude with some original photos of Santorini, the major pearl of the Cyclades islands.

All photos of Santorini © 2003 by Richard Soberka